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A British Jew is waiting in line to be knighted by the Queen. He is to kneel in front of her and recite a sentence in Latin when she taps him on the shoulders with her sword. However, when his turn comes, he panics in the excitement of the moment and forgets the Latin. Then, thinking fast, he recites the only other sentence he knows in a foreign language, which he remembers from the Passover seder:

"Ma nishtana ha layla ha zeh mi kol ha laylot."

Puzzled, Her Majesty turns to her adviser and whispers,

"Why is this knight different from all other knights?"

а что, трудности перевода известные. Помнится, англо-ивритские дети, пересказывая услышанное об уволенном знакомом, употребляли слово 'нисраф'.

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