Villain-Marais (henic) wrote,

Выучил новое слово. Хотя вряд ли запомню надолго, пишется очень уж заковыристо.

Up in Heaven there are two lines: One with a sign that says, "If you were Henpecked, line up here", the other saying, "If you weren't henpecked, stand here."
One day St. Peter was looking at the new arrivals, and he saw the "Henpecked" line going on forever... while the "Non-henpecked" line only had one guy standing in it.
St. Peter walked up to him and said, "You mean to tell me you were never henpecked in your whole life?"
The guy said, "Well I guess not, this is where my wife told me to stand."

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    Добрался до Скотта Келби, говорят, для совсем начинающих он лучший. Как водится, первым делом, легкие шутки, призванные разрядить атмосферу. When…

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    Не помню, что из этого постил.

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